Deal Box Daily Ep. 23 - "Conversations from the Deal Room with Impact Naturals CEO Vassili Kotlov"

Conversations from the Deal Room with Impact Naturals CEO Vassili Kotlov
Published on
November 23, 2022

Youtube: Deal Box Daily Ep 23: "Conversations from the Deal Room with Impact Naturals CEO Vassili Kotlov"

Vassili and his team have more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry working on chronic conditions. Around 30% of people that suffer from chronic conditions seek alternative treatments to help get on with their lives. Impact Naturals is looking to relieve the stresses and pains from those suffering from chronic conditions.

The team spent two years studying human physiology and endocannabinoid systems. They have thought through all elements of their business by building around an experienced team to ready to go to market.

Impact Naturals is finding its own category in the industry. Traditional pharmaceutical R&D requires 8-10 of experimenting because they are working with new chemicals. The natural supplements space only has citizen science with not much research backing. Impact Naturals is building in between the two by combining natural supplements with professional grade scientific research and development.

The key secret component around Impact Naturals success: curiosity and passion.

Take a moment to listen and learn more about Impact Natural's supply chain and go-to-market strategy as they scale for growth, profitability and leveraging significant EBITDA growth as sales increase.

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